Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Comments to Share from Listeners

Friday, 18 Dec 2009

Konichiwa, Hello,

The people of the pod are taking a little time off during this
holiday season to catch-up with friends and family, and we hope you
have a chance to do the same. We’ll be back in full force from the
beginning of 2010.

Meantime, from all of us to all of you…we wish you a very joyous and happy holiday season!

Finally, a few comments to share from some of you…


“I make it a point to catch the MetPod.”

-Dalton Tanonaka

New Anchor, Metro TV, Jakarta


“Every morning I always download Metpod on my iPhone and listening it in the train. Especially I love Weekend Metpod”!

Michael Nomura

Fan, Listener


“I really enjoyed being a guest on
the metpod show. Not only was it a blast, I ended up selling out my
writing workshop as a result. I often listen in to find out what’s
going on in
Tokyo. It’s fun and informative. Keep up the great work!”

David Chester


“I spend much of my time flying between Los Angeles and Tokyo, and I listen to Kong’s MetPod wherever I am to find out what’s happening in Tokyo.”

Joey Carbone

Composer ( KAT-TUN, Crystal Kay, Tsuchiya Anna, Smap), music producer, consultant.


” iTune into MetPod on my iPod for
all sorts of reasons – but mainly for its tongue-in-cheek humour; and
some quite fabulous celeb-interviews! Metpod ? It’s naughty but nice !”

Michael Di Stasio

SAE Institute Tokyo, Director


‘Without the MetPod I would be lost in the Big Mikan!’

Marc Wesseling

Director, UltraSuperNew K.K.


“I enjoy the smooth banter of Kong
and his guests. And Morton’s insults. Even when they’re tossed my
way. Keep up the good work. I’ll go grap a wappa now.”

Bill Sullivan

NHK bilingual news reader, Narration/Voice-overs


“ I enjoy listening to Metpod since I love Don Morton’s comment about movies”

Mihoko Kasuga

Manager, SoftBank


“I listen to the MetPod weekly
because it gives me so much valuable information. The MetPod is an
empowering source of information on some of the great events in
Tokyo. It helps my business a lot. I enjoy listening to the MetPod and catch up with all the exciting events in Tokyo. Thank you guys for putting it together.”

Coach Kardan

President, Step Up Corporation

Podcaster_Award (240-size)

Thank You, Domo Arigatou
for all your comments. We’d love for you to leave YOUR COMMENT in the
“Leave A Reply” box below. We’d love to you some of your comments in
our next magazine ad.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Tokyo MetPod for Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Our Last Podcast for 2009

The MidWeek Holiday MetPod



It’s all about


In this podcast our navigators, SARAH CORTINA and LAUREN SHANNON
talk about Christmas in Japan and share their best suggestions, ideas,
fun and funny observations about how to get the most out of the
holidays in Tokyo.


Our special guests this week are LYRA CEDENO manager of ENET Communications who will tell us about the upcoming Philippine Fiesta, and from TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, Ms. JACQUELINE OSAWA who will talk about the MBA program for this coming new year.

Podcaster_Award (240-size)

Tommy Snyder of GODAIGO?!? Can anybody name this song?

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Tokyo MetPod for Friday, December 11th, 2009




Film critic, DON MORTON tells
us what movies are opening in Tokyo this weekend and provides opinions
about what’s worth seeing and what’s not, and musician KALEB JAMES ells us what artists and concerts are headed to our metropolis during the holiday season. And, we have a special guest, Miss KEIKO MATSUMOTO to tell us about the all newAMUSE MUSEUM in Asakusa.

Kenji-Nathan-Kaleb-Kong (240-size)

Previous MetPod guests; Kenji Sano (EXILE,) Nathan East (ERIC CLAPTON’S BAND,) Kaleb James, Kong

CAUTION: Some Adult Language

The Tokyo MetPod for Thursday, December 10th, 2009




The “sexiest man alive,” JOHNNY DEPP is still in Tokyo and our showbiz reporter tells us what he’s looking for. CHRIS BETROS, also editor of the JAPAN TODAY website called-in to give us the latest update about Mr. DEPP’s activities in our metropolis.

And then, KEVIN COONEY of
the Tokyo Comedy Store (another sexist man) shares some unconventional
(re: hilarious) thoughts about the architecture of Tokyo with our
assistant editor, SARAH CORTINA.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Tokyo MetPod for Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

SARAH Expresses

MidWeek MetPod




Hear about all the exciting things happening in Tokyo as our navigators, SARAH and LAUREN guide
you through their very best suggestions for things to do in Tokyo this
coming weekend starting Friday night, December 11th. As you follow
along, they’ll bring in experts who’ll provide movie and concert
suggestions, event information, and they’ll have a short chat with IRINA BOKAREVA of BRASTEL who will explain how their service is cheaper, easier and better than Skype.

Our film critic, DON MORTON tells us what movies are deserving of your hard-earned cash, and our musician-in-demand, KALEB JAMES gives us a heads-up about some of the concerts you can enjoy this weekend. And we have some special guests, would you believe YOKO ONO, AL McKAY (of EARTH WIND & FIRE) and sumo legend KONISHIKI? Listen…and hear for yourself.

AL McKAY of EW&F (with title 240-size)


The Tokyo MetPod for Tuesday, December 8th, 2009




JOHNNY DEPP just arriving in Tokyo and director, MICHAEL MOORE is just exiting, and our man-on-the-showbiz scene CHRIS BETROS reports on what they’ve been up to while in our throbbing metropolis.

Also joining us, the Director of the MISS UNIVERSE JAPAN pageant, INES LIGRON as well as MISS UNIVERSE JAPAN herself, MISS EMIRI MIYASAKA talking miss-universe-japanabout
the 56 beautiful, new, semi-finalists for the 2010 pageant who appeared
in shorts, mini skirts and tight t-shirts this past Saturday at
Omotaesando Hills. Ines also tells us when and where you’ll be able to
see them next.

And last, but not least, w e
leave you with some information about a new espresso coffee chain just
imported directly from Italy as well as Tokyo best new burger
experience via Hawaii.

The Tokyo MetPod for Monday, December 7th, 2009

PayPay Appeal Ad

MetPod Extra



in association with PAYPAL JAPAN.

TERRIE LLOYD, CEO of LINC MEDIA (parent company of METROPOLIS magazine) explains how you can join the METROPOLIS Members
Club at (FREE 2-minute sign-up, no credit
card required) and become eligible win such great prizes as hotel
stays, spa treatments, events tickets, etc., while at the same time
helping J-Help assist people in need.

See Terrie Lloyd Talk about J-Help and PayPal


Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Tokyo MetPod for Friday, December 4th, 2009

The Weekend MetPod





Our film critic, DON MORTON gives us his totally unbiased opinions on all the movies opening in Tokyo this weekend. He goes to all the movies so you don’t have to. And then, our music director, KALEB JAMES, leader of Tokyo’s funkiest band, THE NEW YORK MINUTE will give us a heads-up about all the concerts headed our way up to the year 2010.
CAUTION: Some adult language and content.


The Tokyo MetPod for Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Sakura House

The MidWeek MetPod



Listen to hear all our best suggestions for things to do this weekend in Tokyo with movie reviews, concert and event suggestions and more. And, meet our fascinating guests along the way, like the CEO of Linc Media (our parent company,) TERRIE LLOYD. He’ll tell us about how you can become a member of the METROPOLIS members club and help people plus win valuable prizes at the same time. You’ll also hear a report about the Tokyo Entrepreneurial Week from organizer and attendee PATRICK NEWELL, who is also the founder of T.I.S. (Tokyo International School and TED-X.) And, we also have a conversation with MASAYO NAMIKI, a representative from SAKURA HOUSE who fills us in on how their services can be valuable to you.
Our usual cast of contributors are all here too; film critic, DON MORTON with his must-see and must-miss movie suggestions, musician-in-demand, KALEB JAMES with his concert suggestions for this weekend, Entertainment Editor, DAN GRUNEBAUM, with a something-cool-to-do suggestion, and our Events Coordinator, CHINATSU SUZUKI, who is Skyping-in her best-suggestion from Australia.
Our usual co-host, LAUREN SHANNON is out this week with the sniffles. (Get well, Lauren!) She’ll be back next week.


The Tokyo MetPod for Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


Betros in ConfRoom

Movie Director, MICHAEL MOORE just arrived in Tokyo sans suitcases and he blames it on, well, listen and you’ll hear who. And we have info about an event where you can see and take pictures of all the Miss Universe Japan contestants in tight t-shirts and short-shorts happening this Saturday. Plus, Rock Challenge organizer, MICHAEL DiSTACIO checks in to tell us about a celebrity auction at CLUB 57 tonight, December 1st.
Also included, just-updated information from MISS UNIVERSE JAPAN Director, INES LIGRON about where you can go to see the MISS UNIVERSE JAPAN contestants in shorts, mini-skirts and tight t-shirts this coming Saturday afternoon.