Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Tokyo MetPod, Friday, September, 25th 2009

The Weekend MetPod

Thinking about a movie this weekend, better listen to hear what our film critic, Don Morton has to say first. Don calls them as he see’s them and he doesn’t mince words. If the movie’s a stinker, he’ll tell you so in no uncertain terms. As Morton-san always tells us, he goes to all the movie–so you don’t have to.

And, our in-demand musician, Kaleb James calls in his Concert Calender, a heads-up reort about all the cool concerts headed our way, not only the big stadium concerts, but the cool jazz and funk concerts at places like the Cotton Club, Blue Note and Billboard Live. The cool thing about Kaleb is he personally knows or has played with most of the musicians he talks about.

SOMETHING SPECIAL: Listener, Ruth Shiraishi gives us a fabulously enthusiastic and colorful report about the recent Black-Eyed Pea’s concert here in Tokyo, if you missed the concert you’ll definitely want to hear her fast-moving report. And, another listener, Kevin Glenz called in his review about the recent COED concert at the Tokyo Blue Note.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

MetPod is On Vacation Until Friday, 9/25/2009

Everybody needs a little time-off, and most of our crew is out of town. So, we’re taking this time to readjust and do some computer maintenance. We’ll be back with our Weekend MetPod with movie reviews and our Concert Calendar on Friday, 9/25. And, we’ll be back with all our regular podcasts staring with Chris Betros and SHOWBIZ NEWS next Tuesday, 9/29.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Tokyo MetPod, Friday, September, 18th 2009

Weekend MetPod

Opinions on Movies opening in Tokyo during this 5-day Silver Week Holiday


Info About Concerts Headed to Tokyo


In our weekly, weekend, magazine-style podcast we meet-up with METROPOLIS film critic, Don Morton and musician, Kaleb James. Morton-san offers his salty opinions on all the movies opening in Tokyo during this 5-day, Silver Weekend holiday.

And, musician James talks about Kanyes embarrassing moment, Mr. Rogers, and the Beatles remastered CD…Oh yes, and he also talks about all the fabulous, musicians, artists, concert, shows and groups coming to Tokyo in the near future.

Get a heads-up on what’s happening in Tokyo

Listen to this podcast!

WARNING: Some adult language.Download

The Tokyo MetPod, Thursday, September, 17th 2009


Hear what our editor, James Hadfield has to say about what’s in the pages of this week’s METROPOLIS magazine; all kinds of stuff you never knew about life in Tokyo!

“JAPANESE BIKER CHICKS?!” Yep, you’ll hear more about them in this podcast.


The Tokyo MetPod, Wednesday, September, 16th 2009

The MidWeek MetPod

Konichwa, from Tokyo! Once again, we’re here with some of our best suggestions for things to do this coming 5-day, holiday, Silver Week holiday. Our usual hosts, Sarah Cortina, Miwa Gardner and Lauren Shannon are taking this week and next week off, so this the a “MidWeek Lite.”

However, we still get lots of valuable information from our film critic Don Morton, he provides his MUST-SEE and MUST-MISS movie suggestions, musician-in-demand, Kaleb James trumpets his best concert suggestions for this coming weekend, including a suggestion for a “Michael Jackson Tribute Concert” at Blues Alley in Meguro (see link and map here.) And finally, we have a great weekend suggestion from Reiko-san, the concierge at the classy Seiyo-Ginza hotel. Reiko shares the same information she shares with hotel guests who are visiting Tokyo.

The Tokyo MetPod, Tuesday, September, 15th 2009

The Showbiz MetPod
Our in-the-know showbiz editor, Mr. Chris Betros knows all about where the stars hang and what they do when they’re in Tokyo. He also has news about a big block party on Omotaesando where the stars came our to be seen. Speaking of parties, there’s another big one happening at the new H&M store this Thursday night in Shibuya. And finally, if your a fan of food and/or baseball or both, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy a brand new restaurant devoted to baseball called the MLB Cafe (MLB as in Major League Baseball) in Ebisu.
If it’s going on in Tokyo — It’s going on the MetPod!
And finally, in this fast-moving podcast, we catch-up with Mr. Ricco DeBlank former GM of the tony Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. In our phone interview Mr. DeBlank tells us about his new job and his new life in Honk Kong. And, you might ask, does he miss being GM of the Ritz, Tokyo? Listen :-)
Our phone line is always open and always on if you have a comment, suggestion, question and/or criticism…call! 050-5532-5874

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

MetPod Extra! Tokyo Race Course

One of our writers, Sarah Noorbakhsh was assigned to write about JRA’s (Japan Racing Association’s) racecourse in Fuchu-city, a short train ride from Shinjuku. Listen to get the lowdown on what horse raing in Japan is all about.

Come join us for METROPOLIS DAY at Tokyo Racecourse on October 17th!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Tokyo MetPod, Friday, September, 11th 2009

The Weekend MetPod

Listen to hear what our METROPOLIS film critic, Don Morton thinks about the new Wesley Snipes movie and about Hugh Jackman’s new X-MEN “Origin’s” movie. And, hear one of Tokyo’s most in-demand club DJ’s, Dwayne Wayne with his METROPOLIS HIT LIST report which includes short samples of some of Japan’s the top hits this week.

[NOTE: Usually, musician Kaleb James presents his Concert Calendar in the Weekend MetPod, but this week he's in rehersal for a Michael Jackson Tribute at Blues Alley in Meguro -and- he's also getting ready for a TV concert featuring J-Pop diva AI, this Sunday night, 6pm on M-on-TV. He'll be the one playing the keyboard.]

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Tokyo MetPod, Thursday, September, 10th 2009

We’re in the Monsoon Cafe talking with assistant editor, Sarah Cortina and editor, James Hadfield about what’s in the pages and on the cover of this week’s METROPOLIS magazine.
If you ride a bicycle in Tokyo, you’ll want to hear James talking about our cover/feature story about bicycle messengers.
And, we’re trying something a little different this time…we’re presenting the interviews segments on separate channels. Does this work for you? Your comments are welcomed and encouraged!

The Tokyo MetPod, Wednesday, September, 9th 2009

Be Entertained ! Listen to our very best suggestions for things to do in Tokyo this coming weekend with navigation provided by our assistant editor Sarah Cortina and restaurateur, Lauren Shannon. These sharp-witted, plugged-in ladies navigate this fast-moving, 45-minute, idea-filled MidWeek podcast by providing useful information for this coming weekend, and about Tokyo in general.
We also have movie suggestions from our film critic Don Morton, concert suggestions from musician Kaleb James and event suggestion from our entertainment editor, Dan Grunebaum.

Metropolis Podcast, Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

The SHOWBIZ Scene in Tokyo!

Every Tuesday, we huddle with our entertainment editor, CHRIS BETROS to find out what stars and celebrities are in or have been in our metropolis. This week, we get updated about Denzel Washington’s visit to a Tokyo subway station, Hugh Jackman’s Harley ride onto the red carpet at Roppongi Hills, stripper Dita Van Tee’s visit to the Ritz-Carlton, Noriko Sakai’s drug bust, and First Lady Miyuki Hatoyama’s visit to Venus and her spiritual connection to Tom Cruise.

Metropolis Podcast, September 4th, 2009September 7th, 2009

20090904[Note from Producer:] We’re playing catch-up as we learn about our new system, so sorry for the delay in getting the Weekend MetPod up on time.
In this podcast, our METROPOLIS film critic, Don Morton talks about Denzel Washington’s movie opening in Tokyo this week, PEHLAM 1-2-3. Is it worth seeing? Morton will give you his opinion.
And, our music director and musician-in-demand, Kaleb James tells us all about the great concerts and artists headed our way.
Finally, at the very end, but not at all least…the NAME GAME with Ramsey Lewis recently here for shows at the Tokyo Blue Note.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Metropolis Podcast, Wednesday, September 3rd 2009


In this podcast, SARAH CORTINA and KAMASAMI KONG are talking about what’s in the pages of this week’s METROPOLIS magazine.

Metropolis Podcast, Wednesday 2nd September


Hear our very best suggestions for things to do in Tokyo this coming weekend starting September 4th thru 6th. Our assistant editor, SARAH CORTINA and Fujimama’s LAUREN SHANNON navigate through the weekend with special reports by our entertainment editor, DAN GRUNEBAUM, our film critic, DON MORTON, our music director, KALEB JAMES, our party people, KANA FUKUDA and DANIEL ISHIKAWA. Plus, we have a special interview with JACINTA C. about Tokyo’s new Hacker Space. Other participants in this podcast include saxiphonist, PAUL FLIESCHER and event coordinator, LYLE FUJIKAWA.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Metropolis Podcast, Tuesday 1st September

Showbiz News with Chris Betros
Metropolis Podcast, Tuesday 1st September Download

In this podcast, CHRIS BETROS our showbiz editor tells us some of the stars visiting Tokyo, such as; BEYONCE, KIRSTIN DUNST, HUGH JACKMAN, DANTE CARVER, AYA UETO, JERO and the new VIP GM of the Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, Mr. FRANCOIS CNOCKSAERT. When the stars come to Tokyo, they shine in the MetPod!

Metropolis Podcast, Monday 31st August

ADULT MATERIAL: Sexual Awareness
Metropolis Podcast, Thursday 31th August Download

Move the kids away from the speakers... In this very short, 6-minute MetPod Extra podcast, we're talking about a sexual mastery seminar in Tokyo with Mr. Miles Kidd. Miles explains how to pick-up quality girls and how to have the best sex in your life. Quite a promise. Listen!

Metropolis Podcast, Thursday 28th August

Metropolis Podcast, Thursday 28th August Download

In this fast-moving, short 28-minute podcast you'll hear about the movies opening in Tokyo this week and our film critic, DON MORTON will give you his opinions about them. Plus, musician KALEB JAMES tell us about some of the great musicians, artists and concerts headed to Tokyo. Get up-to-date, check it out.